Spring Fly Fishing on the Missouri


Traffic is slow amidst the Covid-19 lock down at the Bobkat Motel.  Those of you who can venture out will enjoy some of the hottest fishing of the year!  Recent changes in flow from the Dearborn and Little Prickly Pear have created inconsistent fishing the past week or two, but that has all stabilized!  Here is a recent quote from one someone who knows fishing on the Missouri!  “It’s hot right now!!  Was the most fun I had catching fish in a long time!  I sat in a hole for a couple hours and caught a ton!”  

Here is some brief information that might help out there!

  • Nymphing
  • Point flies
  • Medium depth right now – start at 5 feet
  • Missouri River Bl Holter Dam Flow – approximately 4880 Ft3/s (as of May 14)

IF you are out on the river and aren’t hitting – look for the boats with the red & white stickers!  They will help you out!

The weekend weather looks good!  Get out and enjoy the river!  Stay safe!


Close Restaurant Info:

  • Izaak’s Restaurant:  Open Wednesday – Sunday 3-9PM – Craig
  • Shotgun Annies: Open 11-8 – Wolf Creek


Bobkat Mountain Motel



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